How to Maintain the ATV UTV Drive Belt and Main Drive Wheel ?

How to Maintain the ATV UTV Drive Belt and Main Drive Wheel ? post thumbnail

Today’s Topic is How to Maintain the ATV UTV Drive Belt and Main Drive Wheel ?  Below are the 6 tips for maintaining ATV UTV drive belts and main drive wheels.

1. Buy a high quality drive belt. A high-quality belt has excellent durability, high temperature resistance and wear resistance.

2. Check the internal conditions of the transmission box regularly. Because during the use process, sand and dust will enter transmission box through the cooling air duct. After too much dust enters transmission box, it will be active on you. The wheel causes fatal damage, causing the position of the sliding block of the driving wheel to be abnormal. Regular cleaning of the driving wheel and the air duct of the transmission box helps to extend the service life of the driving wheel and belt.

3. Replace driving wheel in time if it’s abnormally worn that avoid the driving wheel to increase the consumption of the belt. If the fixed disk of the driving wheel wears out irregular grooves, it may affect the normal sliding of the belt when outputting power and cause the belt to break during normal driving.

4. Warming up your ATV or UTV is recommended,it reduce the chance of belt damage. Do not heat the vehicle in place for a long time, it will seriously damage the belt. Because the driving wheel rotates when the UTV starts in situ, but the driven wheel and belt do not rotate. A long-time heating will cause abnormal damage to the belt due to excessive wear at a certain point of the belt.

5. When driving, try to avoid forcing the throttle to pass when the ATV or UTV is stuck or the tire is stuck. Because in this case the gearbox and the engine cannot synchronize the power output. The power cannot be released but all to the belt and the main drive wheel. This will drastically consume the belt and the main drive wheel.

6. Don’t drag other vehicles with excessive force, using a winch is better.

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